November 5, 2010 • Sustainability, Travel & Leisure

Where “footprints” disappear.

by Emily Tewell

Picture this: clear waters, beautiful beaches, a buzzing marketplace, intimate bungalows, villas and homes all on your own private island. Sounds like the stuff dreams are made of, right? Well not any more.

STAR Island is its name and not only does it have all of the aforementioned luxurious amenities, but it is also, as stated on their website, “the worlds first sustainable, carbon neutral, exotic island resort.” Located in Eleuthera Bahamas, STAR, which stands for Sustainable Terrain and Resources, will allow for the island locals and visitors to indulge them selves and gain the satisfaction that they are supporting responsible energy management.

Star Island used energy consultants and LEED certified designers to design and implement several technologies in their developments. These energy efficient buildings combine solar, wind and hydro power, as well as other constructions, to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

No need to worry about form. Despite all of the advancements, people still stereotype sustainable design and associate having to sacrifice appearances. One look at the artistic renderings of the bungalows and villas had me pondering how to gather enough frequent flyer miles and vacation time to visit the 35 acre island that opened last year.

The island has received press from some of the best in the business, New York Times, National Geographic, Newsweek, ABC News Forbes and Travel and Leisure to name a few. However, I first heard about the “Must See” destination while watching one of my favorites, the Travel Channel.

No matter what your motives are in learning about STAR Island, becoming informed on green techniques, energy sustainability and design, Bahamian Islands or if your just looking for your next great vacation spot, the location has much to offer. This would be an ideal spot to get your feet wet walking where the sand meets the sea, while at the same time, not leaving your own carbon footprint. Making the island literally a place where “footprints” disappear.

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