February 9, 2011 • Current Events, Perspectives, Sustainability

An Emerging Leader in an emerging field

by John Hoekstra

It’s challenging to help clients lead in an energy world that is changing drastically … and fast. So there was a lot of celebrating here last week when we received the designation of “Emerging Leader” for our enterprise-wide software system for managing sustainability metrics, known as dashboarDView (DV). The journey from Kyoto to here has been an exciting one.Five years ago this month, we were sitting in the offices of a large EU conglomerate that uses our services, talking about “What are we gonna do with all of these carbon credits?” The world was changing. The EU had implemented mandatory cap and trade, and carbon emissions were suddenly a currency across Western Europe. In the U.S., the EPA’s Climate Leaders program was gaining momentum and multinationals were on board. Industrials, commercials, utilities, universities and all sorts of other entities were coming to the realization that carbon dioxide or greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions were important to get a handle on — whether you had to report them, buy them, sell them or just plain understand them. Summit’s natural response: How are we going to help lead our clients in this brave new world?

Our global solution for leading clients on sustainability initiatives began to evolve. We knew that sustainability and carbon management was complex and clients needed a strategic and structured approach to make sure emissions inventories were sound and that efforts contributed positively to the bottom line. Water optimization, waste management, product impacts and supply chain soon followed as important sustainability issues.

I’m not one for clichés, but the mantra “You can’t manage what you don’t measure” is true. We knew it and our clients knew it. Enter Sustainability Portal on dashboarDView (DV). Today, DV helps companies big and small in more than 90 countries manage their enterprise footprint of energy, carbon, water, wastes and over 30 other sustainability metrics. The key to a successful reporting program is comprehensive, accurate and auditable data. We worked hard to deliver this type of solution to our clients and continue to help them measure and manage this ever-growing area of focus.

This week, Groom Energy Solutions chose Summit as a key carbon management company from among 75 vendors. It was the first year the company examined both the energy and carbon management capabilities of software, reflecting a growing customer need.

We are extremely excited to be recognized as having developed a solution for our clients that is on the cutting edge. At the end of the day, serving our clients in this manner is becoming “table stakes” to help ensure the future success of their organizations. I’m happy to say that Summit is “all in” and by their side.

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