June 27, 2011 • Electricity, Energy Efficiency, Energy Innovation, Natural Gas, Perspectives, Sustainability

Look who’s talking: Experts on the speaking circuit

by AmyHiggs

June has been a whirlwind of activity at Summit, and I’ve had trouble keeping up with everything going on. (Not that this is different than any other month, but I digress.) In the midst of all the standard nuttiness were some speaking gigs by Summit folks who are pretty well known as experts in their fields.

First, the esteemed Tim Statts — Summit’s risk management VP extraordinaire — spoke June 7 on global energy markets at the Sosland Publishing milling and baking conference in Kansas City. Tim is very popular with the Sosland group, having presented at that conference for several years running. Sosland followed up with an article in their Food Business News pub, including some comments from Tim on OPEC’s role in crude oil prices. Read the article here.

Regional sales VP Vance Waller was asked to present at the Northeast Gas Association Gas Operations School  event June 8. Vance said his presentation focused on the influence of shale gas production on North American natural gas supply and price dynamics. He addressed fundamental gas price indicators, as well as supply and demand variables. Vance also touched on the changing dynamics of LNG imports and exports, and trends in electric power generation. Vance told me that the feedback he got from the audience was very favorable. In fact, he shared one participant’s email with me: “Thank you so much for your time and insight. I greatly enjoyed your presentation. It was by far the best class I attended and I certainly hope that we cross paths again.”

Also on June 8,  sustainability guru John Hoekstra presented at the Automotive Industry Action Group Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting Rollout event in Southfield, MI. Auto manufacturers want to understand the total carbon footprint of their vehicles. Many of them have sent surveys to their Tier 1 supply chain this year requesting Scope 1 and 2 emissions. The AIAG created a working group of Tier 1 suppliers and auto manufacturers to develop a standardized GHG emissions reporting tool, OHS-11. To assist Tier 1 suppliers in understanding how to properly fill out the form, AIAG held this one-day, on-site training session, and John was selected as the trainer.

John led a sold-out session on how to identify organizational and operational boundaries; emission factors; data sources; Management Accounting Process (MAP); and QA/QC processes, using web-based solutions to support them. One auto manufacturer in attendance said, “John’s mastery of the material and ability to keep the attendees continuously engaged on a highly complex topic made the training a real success!”

And, of course, we can’t forget the intrepid Matt Smith, who was in New York representing Summit the first week in June. Check out his Energy Burrito blog for more on his recent in-studio appearance at CNBC and the roundtable he attended with the Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan.

Summit is fortunate to be associated with these smart, engaging professionals. Tim, Vance, John and Matt … you  always make us look good!

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