May 25, 2011 • Emerging Technology, Energy Innovation, Green Buildings

SEEing is believing: Utility shows off recent innovations

by Emily Tewell

Everyone has different learning styles; some people are very hands-on, including me. For instance, the in-store displays where someone is showing you how “this cleaning agent will be the last one you ever have to buy,” always have crowds of people swarming around. There are people who just want to hear their message, but many want to try it first-hand for themselves. What better way to put yourself out there? When it comes to having a product that you want to introduce to a broad spectrum of customers, so they not only hear about your offerings but experience them first hand, making customers active participants seems like the best idea. According to an article in the marketing magazine BtoB, this is exactly what Southern California Edison realized when they were looking for ways to show off their energy efficiency projects. continue

January 20, 2011 • Energy Efficiency, Green Buildings, Sustainability

Get Out Your Playbook … Your Energy Efficient Playbook

by Emily Tewell

It’s about that time again! Get your game face ready, put your fan apparel on, set your recycling bin out, and install some solar panels while you are at it. The Super Bowl is just around the corner.

Over 100 million people will gather Sunday, Feb. 6, to watch the Super Bowl on TV. The site of the big event, Cowboys Stadium, is bumping up their usual capacity from 80,000 to 100,000 in hopes of making this the most highly-attended Super Bowl since the 80s. With so many viewers, parties and high stakes, will energy sustainability really at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts on this day? It just might be. continue

December 16, 2010 • Energy's Lighter Side, Sustainability

Recycled Paper…More Personable Than You Think!

by Emily Tewell

Christmas cards... to hand write or type and send

Recently, at a holiday get together with some friends, we started to talk about the necessities of the season, Christmas trees, decorations, presents and Christmas cards. We were all pretty much in agreement that getting a handwritten Christmas card is much more personable than sending, say, an e-card. However, someone mentioned they had decided not to do cards this year. They were busy and they saw it as a way to save paper and be a little greener this holiday. As I was writing my Christmas cards out that night and thinking that I had not done anything to “green up” my holiday, I saw it, PCW (Post Consumer Waste) paper written on the back of my cards in big black letters. continue

November 5, 2010 • Sustainability, Travel & Leisure

Where “footprints” disappear.

by Emily Tewell

Picture this: clear waters, beautiful beaches, a buzzing marketplace, intimate bungalows, villas and homes all on your own private island. Sounds like the stuff dreams are made of, right? Well not any more.

STAR Island is its name and not only does it have all of the aforementioned luxurious amenities, but it is also, as stated on their website, “the worlds first sustainable, carbon neutral, exotic island resort.” Located in Eleuthera Bahamas, STAR, which stands for Sustainable Terrain and Resources, will allow for the island locals and visitors to indulge them selves and gain the satisfaction that they are supporting responsible energy management. continue

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