June 28, 2011 • Sustainability

Turning waste into energy

by Katie Schultz

Recently, I passed a Waste Management truck with the following message advertised on its side: “The waste we collect helps power over one million homes.” I hastily scribbled a note to myself as a reminder to research Waste Management and find out exactly how they are involved in energy management. continue

May 13, 2011 • Current Events, Sustainability

Royal Footprints

by Katie Schultz

The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton brought out the romantic in me, and I waited in eager anticipation to see the big moments unfold on my TV screen. It was exciting to see the wedding dress, to hear the vows, and to watch as a country closed down to honor the nuptials of its new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

I was just as surprised as anyone to see Prince William and his bride come driving out of the gates of Buckingham Palace in his father’s 1969 Aston Martin DB6. What brought me out of my teary-eyed stupor was the mention of how “green” that vintage blue car actually was. continue

April 7, 2011 • Electricity, Emerging Technology

Throwing Caution to the Wind

by Katie Schultz

Renewable energy is on the mind of every energy professional out there today — what non-traditional types of energy are going to help meet the needs of our ever-changing world? continue

March 10, 2011 • Electricity, Sustainability, Travel & Leisure

From Radios to iPods

by Katie Schultz

While I was researching my topic for last month’s blog—the electrification of rural America—I stumbled across some related topics that caught my attention. Specifically, how did the mass electrification of the U.S. influence our music? continue

February 11, 2011 • Electricity, Energy's Lighter Side

Thanks for the coffee, Frank!

by Katie Schultz

Blog entry ideas can be hard to come by. I’m still fairly new at Summit, and even more new to the world of blogging, so this task is somewhat of an adventure for me. So far, I’ve written about a few things that crossed my radar and piqued my interest.

But this month I was stumped. It’s fun to have a theme, and I’ve written about a holiday before, so I glanced up at the calendar for inspiration. Valentine’s Day promised a few sustainability topics, but I wasn’t satisfied. I was venting my writer’s block frustration when someone suggested President’s Day. So I started wondering if there were any presidents that influenced the industry that I’m now a part of. What’s some of the history that allows a company like Summit to exist? (A topic was born!) continue

January 14, 2011 • Energy's Lighter Side, Sustainability

GO Green!

by Katie Schultz


Recently, I got together with a few friends for a game night. As we discussed which game we wanted to start with, we began to talk about how Monopoly gets a bad reputation for occasions like these. The game starts off fun enough, but then it drags on into eternity and three hours later all you have to show for it (if you’re lucky) is a handful of fake money and a few plastic houses. I guess we all felt sorry for ol’ Monopoly—not to mention we were curious to see if we could actually finish the game without quitting. The decision was made.

There are literally hundreds of versions of Monopoly, but the style du jour was Earthopoly. This environmentally friendly game uses ink that is soy-based and each of the game pieces comes directly from nature or is fully recyclable (a corn kernel, a bean, a shell, a rock, a piece of a bamboo shoot, and a wooden triangle). Even the dice are wooden! continue

December 10, 2010 • Energy's Lighter Side, Sustainability

O’ Christmas tree…lights!

by Katie Schultz

Every family has preferences about which decorations are essential to the holiday season. My favorite is the Christmas tree, but it’s really the lights on the tree that make it the focal point of my decorating efforts. 

Those lights are too pretty to end up in a landfill!

Most people save their decorations from year to year and use them until they are passed on or worn out. The tree lights, when treated with care, can be kept for many seasons as well. But inevitably, the year will come when bulbs have burned out or you realize that, in your haste to finally take down the decorations in mid-January, you didn’t wind them up carefully and they’re a tangled mess. In that case you contemplate just scrapping them and buying a new box to save the time and hassle. continue

November 3, 2010 • Energy Efficiency, Energy Innovation, Travel & Leisure

The Eden Project: Educational Amusement Park

by Katie Schultz
the core

the core: the most sustainable building in the world

The best way to travel is to venture off the beaten path, away from the sites that scream “Tourist!” Take London—beyond the museums, pubs, and glamour lies a country rich with unusual attractions and rare communities. In the county of Cornwall you can visit The Eden Project where students and families alike can learn some of the “go-green” tips energy professionals demonstrate every day.

The Eden Project is the semi-equivalent of an educational amusement park—but don’t think for one minute that it’s the same old boring field-trip destination. continue

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