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June 28, 2011 • Current Events, Electricity, Energy's Lighter Side

The early ’70s: OPEC, AAA, SPR and Corinthian leather

by Chad Holder

Recently, Summit Energy commodity analyst Matt Smith appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box to field questions on how the release of 30 million barrels of oil from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) affects the crude oil market. Matt’s appearance led me to do a little digging on the history of the SPR, which uncovered five fascinating historical footnotes, some awesome ’70s-era YouTube video clips and 62 underground salt caverns that hold more than 700 million barrels of crude oil. continue

April 18, 2011 • Energy Innovation, Energy's Lighter Side, Perspectives

The Three I’d Marketer

by Kent Evans

Recently, I was talking with a college student about to enter a career in marketing. I casually mentioned a few things that I thought characterized the best marketers I’ve known. It just so happened that each of the traits started with the letter “I” and a blog post was born. continue

January 17, 2011 • Energy Innovation, Energy's Lighter Side, Perspectives

Offensive Coordinators are Communists

by Ann Barczak

strategies in football...strategies in energy...

I never miss an opportunity to relate football to any subject.  As a manager with direct reports, I used to hold a “Monday Morning Quarterback” meeting each week.  We would review relevant topics such as “never let it come down to your kicker,” or “…to be successful with the Wildcat offense, you have to have the best backs…”  Football is one of those universal sports, that resonates with a variety of people.  Knowing the game has served me well in a male-dominated industry and even prepared me for motherhood -who knew that a  topiary could be used as a weapon?  “Don’t hit your brother – that’s roughing the passer!  Ten yards from the spot of the foul or you go to bed early!” 

I began my undergraduate studies in the heat of the fall in South Alabama as a co-ed at Auburn University. I spent four years at the loveliest village on the plains.  I walked the halls that once housed the likes of Bo Jackson, Pat Sullivan and John Heisman.   Auburn girls participate in sorority rush a few weeks before classes, but more importantly, we like to be settled on campus in time for the first home football game.   From that first game, until we breathe our last breath, we are officially Auburn Girls.  We know and love football.  We especially love our Tigers. continue

January 6, 2011 • Perspectives

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

by Hannah Miller

Perhaps that sounds like a killjoy title, but you know what I’m going to say next: If you try sometimes, you just might find that you get what you need. [Thank you, Rolling Stones.]

Besides the catchy tune and the almost irresistible urge to play air guitar, I find this song wandering around in my head for another reason. I often feel caught between being an idealist and a pragmatist. I love to dream about what’s possible and figure out a plan to get there. I believe that, with a little determination and creativity, there’s almost always a way to get what you want. But then there’s the pragmatist in me. If the idea isn’t going to work in reality, then it’s time to move on and find something that will.

It’s pretty easy to be caught in this same tension when considering energy management. continue

December 29, 2010 • Energy's Lighter Side, Perspectives

The Secret Lesson of Naptime

by Kevin Cowart

A 2-year-old can teach you a surprising amount about energy management.  Bursting with an endless supply of energy throughout the morning, he will eventually hit a wall.  Eyes begin to darken.  Emotions become frayed.  In our house this means naptime has finally come.  You can learn a lot from a naptime in a home with a 2-year-old.  

Most days my son will go, go, go all morning long.  He will run, read, climb on the couch, run, play baseball, jump, dance, run, play trains, shoot hoops and run some more –and that’s just a fifteen-minute snapshot.  Then he hits repeat again and again and again.  Eventually, the clock inches ever so slowly toward 1 or 1:30, and you can see naptime come calling and the energy draining.  continue

November 11, 2010 • Energy's Lighter Side, Perspectives

Energy management & the power of words.

by Kevin Cowart

Likely, you will spend no more than 96 seconds reading a post on this blog. The question is why — why read the words energy professionals write?

Words craft pictures. Take, for example, the question, “Who else wants more money and more time?” It’s not farfetched to assume you do. In fact, we all do. This question knows this and it unites us. We see that we all are the “who else.” As energy consultants, we at Summit Energy are privileged to be an answer to how this can happen. Every day we help clients save more money and more time, helping them enhance the value of both their companies and their lives. continue

November 8, 2010 • Energy Generation, Energy's Lighter Side, Perspectives

Two scoops of energy, please.

by Sarah McKee

To help it celebrate their 65th Birthday, Baskin Robbins is sending five flavors to the “deep freeze” to make room for some new flavors. While I can’t imagine a world without Baskin Robbins’ French Vanilla ice cream (I’m not the only one), I can’t wait to see what creative gems the BR chefs come up with that will top such amazing flavors as “whYte 2K Chocolate Overload”, “Campfire S’mores” and “Jack Lemon Ice”.

No matter which new Baskin Robbins flavor you will soon find in my waffle cone, I know it will definitely taste better than the ice cream I made as a kid in science class. While Baskin Robbins is known for its 31 flavors, our teacher didn’t give us more than one flavor choice: “icky”.

I distinctly remember the process of making our unique brand of “icky” ice cream. After carefully measuring and placing ice, salt, sugar, milk and vanilla in a plastic bag, our teacher told us the final ingredient: heat energy. She demonstrated the proper technique to create heat energy, which involved shaking the plastic bags until we noticed the solids and liquids converging into one. My friends and I, suddenly transforming into tiny heat energy professionals, shook those plastic bags as if it was going to save our lives. continue

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