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September 12, 2011 • Current Events, Energy Efficiency, Green Buildings

A look at government spending

by Jackie Cobb

Given the recent debt crisis and the ensuing focus on government spending, I figured it would only be appropriate for the Summit Energy Watercooler blog to chime in on the topic as well.

While the debt ceiling debate finally yielded a compromise at the 11th hour, it has become clear that it certainly didn’t provide us with an end-all-be-all solution for the issue of US financial stability. (I’d argue there can’t be just one solution, but that’s for another post.) continue

May 25, 2011 • Emerging Technology, Energy Innovation, Green Buildings

SEEing is believing: Utility shows off recent innovations

by Emily Tewell

Everyone has different learning styles; some people are very hands-on, including me. For instance, the in-store displays where someone is showing you how “this cleaning agent will be the last one you ever have to buy,” always have crowds of people swarming around. There are people who just want to hear their message, but many want to try it first-hand for themselves. What better way to put yourself out there? When it comes to having a product that you want to introduce to a broad spectrum of customers, so they not only hear about your offerings but experience them first hand, making customers active participants seems like the best idea. According to an article in the marketing magazine BtoB, this is exactly what Southern California Edison realized when they were looking for ways to show off their energy efficiency projects. continue

January 20, 2011 • Energy Efficiency, Green Buildings, Sustainability

Get Out Your Playbook … Your Energy Efficient Playbook

by Emily Tewell

It’s about that time again! Get your game face ready, put your fan apparel on, set your recycling bin out, and install some solar panels while you are at it. The Super Bowl is just around the corner.

Over 100 million people will gather Sunday, Feb. 6, to watch the Super Bowl on TV. The site of the big event, Cowboys Stadium, is bumping up their usual capacity from 80,000 to 100,000 in hopes of making this the most highly-attended Super Bowl since the 80s. With so many viewers, parties and high stakes, will energy sustainability really at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts on this day? It just might be. continue

November 9, 2010 • Energy Efficiency, Green Buildings, Sustainability

Energy efficiency, smart buildings & city-wide collaboration

by Hannah Miller

Next time you visit the Windy City, you may walk into a building that not only knows to dim the lights when people aren’t around, but also knows when the city as a whole is using too much power and the AC should be turned down – and then gets paid for it.

It has become clear that companies large and small alike can’t afford not to know their energy consumption, spend or greenhouse gas emissions. And once they know it, they can’t afford to leave it unmanaged, following the whim of the weather or the market. Energy management is a fact not only of corporate life, but also of city life. Recently New York City installed real-time wireless water meters in 834,000 homes in the city to better know and track the water usage in the city. ComEd in Chicago hosted a competition for some of Chicago’s suburbs to see which neighborhood could reduce their power consumption by the greatest amount, with 34.9 million kilowatt hours saved throughout the yearlong competition across nine areas in the city. continue

November 3, 2010 • Energy Efficiency, Energy Innovation, Travel & Leisure

The Eden Project: Educational Amusement Park

by Katie Schultz
the core

the core: the most sustainable building in the world

The best way to travel is to venture off the beaten path, away from the sites that scream “Tourist!” Take London—beyond the museums, pubs, and glamour lies a country rich with unusual attractions and rare communities. In the county of Cornwall you can visit The Eden Project where students and families alike can learn some of the “go-green” tips energy professionals demonstrate every day.

The Eden Project is the semi-equivalent of an educational amusement park—but don’t think for one minute that it’s the same old boring field-trip destination. continue

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