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March 16, 2011 • Energy's Lighter Side

Energy, USA

by Eric Bickel

When thinking about energy markets (oil and gas, in particular), it’s pretty easy to focus on the states where oil/gas are commonly associated:  Texas, Louisiana, and the Gulf of Mexico in general.  However, when talking about these markets it’s important to get a feel for the other areas in the United States that are important both currently and historically.  Hence: Energy, USA. continue

March 10, 2011 • Electricity, Sustainability, Travel & Leisure

From Radios to iPods

by Katie Schultz

While I was researching my topic for last month’s blog—the electrification of rural America—I stumbled across some related topics that caught my attention. Specifically, how did the mass electrification of the U.S. influence our music? continue

February 11, 2011 • Electricity, Energy's Lighter Side

Thanks for the coffee, Frank!

by Katie Schultz

Blog entry ideas can be hard to come by. I’m still fairly new at Summit, and even more new to the world of blogging, so this task is somewhat of an adventure for me. So far, I’ve written about a few things that crossed my radar and piqued my interest.

But this month I was stumped. It’s fun to have a theme, and I’ve written about a holiday before, so I glanced up at the calendar for inspiration. Valentine’s Day promised a few sustainability topics, but I wasn’t satisfied. I was venting my writer’s block frustration when someone suggested President’s Day. So I started wondering if there were any presidents that influenced the industry that I’m now a part of. What’s some of the history that allows a company like Summit to exist? (A topic was born!) continue

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