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January 17, 2012 • Current Events, Energy Innovation, Natural Gas

2011: The year in energy (Part 4: Extreme Production)

by Eric Bickel

So far in this series, we’ve focused on global themes from the economy to governmental upheaval, and then circled back to how they’ve affected the U.S. In this final post, we’re going to focus on a recurring theme in the U.S. energy market and how this theme could affect the global market in years to come. And that theme is none other than U.S. natural gas production.


November 19, 2010 • Emerging Technology, Energy Generation, Natural Gas

Gasland: A Necessary Evil?

by Eric Bickel

HBO has recently released a documentary of the natural gas industry titled “Gasland”. The filmmaker, Josh Fox, visits different destinations across the U.S. where hydraulic fracturing has been used for production in multiple shale plays. Fracking, as it is now referred to, is the practice of using pressurized fluids to break away rock formations and release hydrocarbons to be produced (this is grossly simplified, but you get the point).

The filmmaker’s point of concern in the expose is a lack of oversight into the production industry in regards to the effects on the environment from fracking practices. This concern is well documented through various stories that you can review on the official website. It’s worth checking out the story of a man in Colorado whose home faucet is now a flamethrower. continue

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